On The Lookout

New Fall Make Up Trends To Test Out

Happy Friday Dolls! Lately, while I’m scrolling through Instagram, my feed is flooded with different types of make up tutorials. Whether it’s a swipe through carousel or a 60 second video, I love seeing all the different looks that different make up artists create! Recently, I’ve noticed a few trends that I was interested in gaining more inspiration on to potentially test out myself! 

I found this amazing Harper’s Bazaar article with 7 trends to wear for the fall that sparked my interest and made me excited to start trying some of them out. Now Dolls, I know it’s not quite fall yet but I can’t help but swoon over some of these trending sensations.


A Matte Red Lip

This lovely trend is one that will most likely be easier to blend into my make up routine! As it is, I’m a HUGE lipstick fan. I am a firm believer that it can elevate any look in a matter of seconds. #theprdolls know it’s a staple of mine to wear a pink lip to work every day. So I’m delighted to try out this Parisian inspired look. 


Smoky Neutrals 

The smoky neutrals trend is one that is a little out side of my comfort zone. My normal day to day make up routine is quite simple and I don’t steer to far from adding a pop of color just to my lips. But each time I scroll past this particular look, I can’t help but love the elegance of it. 


A Touch Of Neon

I’m most excited to try out this trend! Over the past couple of months, I’ve constantly seen the trend rise of wearing neon — especially monochromatic neon outfits. As a #pinkenthusiast, I’ve loved incorporating hints of neon pink into my looks! 


Glitz + Glam

This glitz look is so mesmerizing! Now I can’t say that this look in particular is one that I’m going to wear on the regular but it looks really fun to attempt! Combining two of my favorite things, glitter and the color pink sounds like a match made in heaven! 


I’m so eager to try these different make up trends out because these looks are electric! What have you Dolls seen lately that you’ve been dying to try out?