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The woman who did not even know you could get a degree in shoe design becomes a shoe-designer.

In an interview with Vogue Magazine in 2012, shoe designer Sophia Webster said this about her shoes, “My shoes are for women who want to express their personality through their shoes and will appreciate and enjoy them.” Well, that is exactly why I love wearing my Sophia Webster shoes. Every single pair makes me feel so confident and I think it is because each pair ignites the feminine and fun side of my personality! So, yes! I do appreciate them and I do enjoy them!


Sophia studied art and sculpture at Camberwell Art College. She is an artist, first and foremost, which I think is what contributes so much to her original designs. In one of her still-life drawing classes, a model kept changing her outfit. Each time, Sophia found herself honing in on the details of the shoes the model wore and enjoying that process. She took this newfound passion and went on to get a degree at Cordwainers College, where Jimmy Choo trained! (Talk about good company!) 


Sophia’s first collection was inspired by a trip to Brazil. Inspired by the landscape, color and architecture she knew Brasil was going to be the home of her factory. Influenced by what she sees rather than by the day’s trends, she is able to create a shoe that is unmistakably Sophia Webster!  Her first collection was named, “Welcome to the Dollhouse.” Match made in Caroline Doll heaven!

In one of her, “Get To Know Sophia” Youtube videos she shares, “I think shoes are very important! When you put them on, they totally change the way that you hold yourself…They make you hold your body in a different way that you accentuate all the best bits about you. I think they are incredibly powerful things!” I couldn’t agree more, doll!