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Hindsight is always 20/20, Dolls. This post is inspired by a personal lesson in Wedding Topper Preservation 101: What NOT to do. 


My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. I had fully planned to document the whole thing, looking forward to unveiling our beautiful wedding cake topper and bite into memories of our wedding day. 

Our wedding anniversary was June 25th, Dolls. The lack of wedding cake photos attests to the fact it did not go well. I had placed our wedding cake topper in a Tupperware container and stored it away in the freezer. Unfortunately, we came to discover that is what you DO NOT do if you want the cake to be edible! 

So, for all of my bridal dolls, I wanted to share what you SHOULD do so you can be sure your wedding cake will recall all of those delicious and beautiful wedding memories! 

Let’s get the not-to-do’s out of the way:

1. Do NOT store in Tupperware
2. Do NOT wrap in foil; this causes freezer burn! 
3. Do NOT re-freeze. Plan ahead! If you know you will be moving within the year, store your wedding cake topper in your parent’s freezer!

Now, what TO do!

All you need is plastic wrap and a large plastic bag!

1. First things first, remove any ornaments or decorations from the cake. You want to be able to seal the cake as air-tight as possible!
2. If your cake is resting on an unwrapped cake board (cardboard), wrap the board in foil or place your cake on a plastic plate. This will prevent a cardboard taste from seeping into your cake!
3. Before the sealing process, chill the cake in your freezer for about 20 minutes. This allows for the icing to firm up a little before wrapping it up and keeps the icing from sticking to the plastic wrap.
4. Wrap your cake in several layers of plastic wrap, ensuring it is as air-tight as possible!
5. Place the wrapped cake into an air-tight bag and place in in the freezer.

When your first anniversary arrives, allow the cake to defrost in your refrigerator for at least two hours before eating! 

At least we have pictures!


Maybe ordering a copycat cake is in order!