How To Live Your Best Engaged Life! | Richmond Weddings™ Magazine Feature | The Caroline Doll

Dolls! You may see a familiar face in the newest issue of the Richmond Weddings magazine (that is, if you live in Richmond, of course!) In this digital age, it's so surreal to see your work in a printed publication! I have worked with Amye and Scott Brunette of Richmond Weddings™ for quite a few years now. Featuring The Caroline Doll in their magazine is such an honor! Just this past weekend, I was one of the M.C.s for their “Richmond Weddings™ 2018 Summer Show.” The bridal runway show put on by one of my other clients, Tiffanys Bridal, is probably my favorite part!

You are probably wondering, “Caroline, if you are not planning weddings anymore and are already married, what are you doing in Richmond Weddings™ magazine?!” Telling YOU dolls how to live your best engaged life! As a blogger, I am all about sharing ways you can live your best life when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle!

If you read my last blog post, you’ll know my husband, Costa, and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary a month ago. As a new bride, I have learned quite a few new things, including what NOT to do when it comes to wedding cake preservation. Now, looking back at my engagement days, a few things stand out that I think are so integral to living your best engaged life.

Your engagement season doesn’t have to be stressful, dolls. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Being intentional about celebrating your life together pre-wedding is something I encourage you to do!

Print this off as a checklist of must-dos, doll!

Print this off as a checklist of must-dos, doll!