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If you asked me what makeup product I couldn’t do without, lipstick would reign from the top of my list. In fact, at my boutique PR agency, POSH PR®, lipstick was our client experience gift of the month! Lipstick is a statement. It is bold! Whenever I wear it, I feel more confident! Lipstick accentuates femininity, which I love. Why? Because there is SO much power in femininity, in what it means to be a woman! Lipstick is a weapon — literally.


In World War II, while men were off at war, more and more women were called into the workforce to take on jobs usually held by men. Women were called upon to work male jobs not by embracing masculinity, but actually by accentuating their femininity! Beauty IS power. And during wartime, it was encouraged as a way to elevate public morale. Makeup brands created lipsticks with names like Victory Red, Fighting Red and Home Front Ammunition. Lipstick was a weapon!


Women of the 1940s, from pin-up girls to Rosie the Riveter, are recognized by their bold red lips. Red is associated with officialdom and the military - fire engines, uniforms, the Red Cross….It is courageous, bold, alarming, confident, striking. Come to think of it, I think that is why I have always been drawn to bold, statement colors. They bring attention to a whole other aspect of femininity. Some women do prefer more soft, delicate, smooth and understated looks. This speaks to certain characteristics like empathy, compassion, patience…Other woman prefer bold, striking, and alarming! This speaks to the ambitious, confident and courageous characteristics of femininity. Depending on the day, I LOVE that I can show off all of these qualities! 

So, WHERE can you fill your lipstick reserves this #nationallipstickday, dolls?! Keep reading for a giveaway from @TheCarolineDoll!

When you google #nationallipstickday, the first brand that pops up is M.A.C. And for good reason! M.A.C. has made their place in the makeup industry as the go-to for high quality lipsticks. This Sunday only, make your way to any M.A.C. storefront where they will be giving out one FREE lipstick per shopper. And if you are not one to brave the lines, take a little makeup shopping spree on their website! You will receive a free lipstick with your purchase of $25 or more! 

You can never go wrong with makeup from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Starting TODAY, they are offering a buy one, get one free special for any of their lip gloss, liquid lipstick or matte lipstick. My favorites? Their Tropical Pink Lip Gloss and their Blushing Pink Matte Lipstick! Click here to shop!

And lost but certainly not least, I am offering a giveaway of one of my favorite lipsticks from M.A.C.! Choose from their Saint Germaine lipstick OR Candy Yum Yum. (True story:  when M.A.C. announced they were discontinuing Candy Yum Yum, I was a part of a petition to stop it! I sent an e-mail to every one on my e-mail list and bought 45 lipsticks. To this day, Candy Yum Yum is alive and well…you’re welcome!) 

All YOU have to do is the following:
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Go kiss and tell, dolls!