We’re Going Live! | Diamonds Direct | Micro-Influencer Marketing

More and more, influencer marketing continues to grow as a primary means of reaching a new audience. Even tried and true brands, established in their identity, are turning to micro-influencers to reach a new audience. Especially for the millennial demographic, beautiful imagery and catchy, descriptive copy will only get you so far. For the “tag location” millennial? It is SO much more about the experience! “Where is everyone else hanging out and where can I see and be seen?!” One tried and true brand who realizes the relevance and utility of micro-influencer marketing? Diamonds Direct!

A kiss on the hand may be quite complemental, but yes, dolls, DIAMONDS are a girl’s best friend (Lola, my poodle baby, loves diamonds, too. So, dogs and diamonds are my best friends!) A little over a week ago, Diamonds Direct invited me to their “Destination Diamonds” event to incorporate live PR for them! Can we say, “doll heaven”?! 

For the entire weekend, Diamonds Direct showcased timeless jewelry brands like Uneek and Henri Daussi, all for 20% off! (So of COURSE I brought my husband, Costa, along with me. We both got our wedding rings from there!). The whole time I was there, I loved sharing videos of the experience with my @thecarolinedoll followers on my Facebook and Instagram stories. I may have fallen in love with Simong Jewelry stackable bracelets, which made a frequent cameo appearance! Diamonds Direct also had an exclusive baby pink design which I just might have to go back for. Having my dolls ask questions on Instagram and help me choose my favorites via surveys was such a fun way to shop and engage! 

Working with Nicole is always SO much fun and I can't wait to work together again, soon! Stay-tuned! If you are interested in having live PR at your next event, contact me here! I would love to chat, doll!