My Guidelines for Styling a Bookshelf! | The Caroline Doll | Lifestyle Blogger

Who said a bookshelf was only for books, dolls?! Oh, contraire! I believe any flat surface is up for grabs when it comes to displaying #alltheprettythings. From shoes and perfumes, to cute purses and unicorns busts (oh, and books, too!), I do not believe there are any set rules when it comes to styling a bookshelf. However, I do like to stick to a few guidelines to ensure maximized style. Keep reading to learn about my bookshelf styling musts!


Less is more, dolls. My favorite shelves are the ones that display one thing. I love placing shoe boxes as pops of color throughout my shelves. Anything that is simple and bright acts as an anchoring point and balances out the entire scheme. Typically, my guideline is to make sure each top, middle-ish, and bottom section has one of these colorful pops!

Having a variety of textures and finishes adds so much personality to a bookshelf. I always have fresh flowers in my house. I once saw a photo of someone’s house who uses their family’s monogrammed Mint Julep Cups as bouquet holders throughout their house. I LOVED this! Re-assigning a role to pieces that ordinarily never see the light of day? Why not? Cutting the stems and creating a mini bouquet allows you to have as many flowers on display as you want without overwhelming a room!

Speaking of re-assigning roles…Shoes. My closet runneth over. I love shoes that make a statement. (For instance, every shoe designed by Sophia Webster belongs in an art museum!) There is so much artistry, beauty and detail that goes into designer shoes, dolls. Of course they deserve to be displayed! (This also allows for super convenient shoe changes throughout the day!)

Last but not least, books. This is about styling a bookshelf, after all! One thing? Very rarely do I ever style books vertically. I like to create more flat surface by styling them on their backs, creating a book pedestal for other pretty things to sit on, if you will!


This particular styling was actually an editorial branding shoot for the POSH PR® and The Caroline Doll websites! The perfect touch for a website refresh! 

No two bookshelves should ever be the same, doll. Incorporating a variety of things you love creates a visual dynamic. Add dimension by playing with different heights of stacked books! Lastly, step back and take in #alltheprettythings!